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Thank you John Bosher, Quinno’s Quick Snaps and Trent Duvall for the use of your awesome photos.

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E.C Griffith


First won by ‘Fairchild’ in 1910


Often sold as the "Fastest Show on Water", these boats are specifically built and tuned to run in a straight line very fast. These boats do not have to turn any corners and can therefore concentrate on getting all of the power to the water to get from A to B in a direct straight line.

A drag boat race meeting is very similar to a Drag Car meeting. Two boats line up against each other, using a "christmas tree" style starting lights to launch them down the course.

Boats range in design from small outboards to the awesome Top Fuel Hydroplanes. Other classes are usually speed bracketed as opposed to engine capacity. This can result in inboards running against outboards, which can be very spectacular and can pit mate against mate as the spectators cheer for their preferred style of boat.


These classes are the most active outboard classes in Australia at this time:

Top Fuel Hydroplane

Blown Alcohol Hydroplane

Blown Alcohol Displacement

Blown Alcohol Flat-bottom

Limited 6001cc to 9260cc

Limited 4601cc to 6000cc

Unlimited Unrestricted Outboard

Unlimited Outboard Mono Hull

Up to 65 mph Social Stock

65mph to 75mph Stock Eliminator

 Race Classes - DRAG BOATS