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Outboards can also be easily recognised by the everyday person, as they are loosely based on outboard ski boats. Again, obviously designs and contsruction materials are quite different to your average "eggbeater".

Outboards are generally seperated into "monos" and "tunnels". Monos being the more common mono (meaning one) or "vee" style of hull you can relate your ski or fishing boat to. Tunnels are similar to hydroplanes as they also rely on an air trap of tunnel to create the air pressure needed to help these boats ride on top of the water. Tunnels differ from hydroplanes in the fact that the air traps extend to the full length of the hull

The Outboard classes range from 25hp up to Unlimited Outboards and the world wide based class of the Formula 1 tunnel boats.

Race Classes

These classes are the most active outboard classes in Australia at this time:

  • Yamato OSY400A Open Hull
  • 25hp Open Hull
  • 550cc Supersports
  • Mono's
  • Formula 4
  • Formula 3
  • Formula 2 / SST 120
  • Formula 1



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