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These boats are probably the easiest to relate to for the public. Displacements are, from a distance, the closest resemblence to your average water ski boat. With the engine mounted "inboard", usually at the rear of the boat.

Obviously these finely tuned racing boats are a little different than your average ski boat. Construction materials range from fibreglass & plywood through to the high-tech materials of kevlar & carbon fibre, making these craft very light and very strong in relation to your average ski boat.

The term "displacement" is derived from the the action of the boat "displacing" (pushing the water out of the way) the water as it moves through the water.

Displacement classes range from 3.4 litre skiffs all the way up to the monstorous Blown Alcohol Displacements.

View photos of some of Australia's displacement boats here.

Race Classes

Classes are based on engine capacity. There are generally no restrictions on engine configuration (straight 6, V8, etc) or make or model. There are exceptions in a couple of classes, which are generally aimed at controlled, even racing.

These classes are the most active displacement classes in Australia at this time:

Unlimited Displacement
6000 cc. Displacement
6000 cc. Prostock / Restricted
5200 cc. Displacement
105 mph Superstock
4600 cc. Displacement
4.2 Litre Stock Displacement


Australian Class Speed Records - as at August 2006

Boat Driver Speed (kph) Venue Date
Unlimited Displacement
LIBERTY B McCosker 214.12 Dargle 31.7.94
Unlimited Racing Runabout        
THE REALTHING B Jordan 202.56 Dargle 10.7.05
Unlimited Side Valve Displacement        
SCRUBCAT IV J Long 102.13 Lake Glenmaggie 10.12.67
7500cc Displacement
EVEN DEEPER W McMillen 188.63 Dargle 27.6.98
6000 cc. Displacement
DUGGAN BALANCING R Psaila 192.72 Dargle 28.8.03
6000 cc. Carburettored, Cast Iron
SMOKIN HEADS W Gauci 187.79 Dargle 28.8.03
5200 cc. Displacement
MADNESS D Marland 178.07 Dargle 8.8.93
5200 cc. Carburettored, Cast Iron
MADNESS T Marland 176.54 Dargle 31.7.94
4600 cc. Displacement
S Brown 161.94 Botany Bay 12.8.95
4.2 Litre Stock Displacement
PROBLEM CHILD W Smith 150.38 Lake Wyangan 14.4.90










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