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If there is a particular form that you require, and it is not below, please contact your club officials, or your state council.

Rule BookS

2016 Rule Book

Form 7 OB Measurement

Group 1300 - Drag Racing Rules

Group 1700 - Inflatable Class Rules

105 Class Rules

World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) - Prohibited Substances


Race Dates

Manufacturer Registration Forms

Re-inforced Cockpit Manufacture




Entry Forms

Race Entry - Form 1

Boat Owner APBA Membership - Form 23BO

APBA Membership - Contact your local APBA affiliated club to become a member of the APBA

APBA Day Licence - Form 23D

Competition Licence - Form 23CL

Formula Future Licence - Form 23FF

Novice Licence - Form 23N


Scrutineering Forms

Srutineering All Classes

Scrutineering Drag Boats


Medical Forms

Medical Examination Record - Form 22

Medical Suspension - Form 23C

Medical Clearance - Form 23A

Day Medical Licence - Form 22D

Novice Medical Licence - Form 22N


Official Forms for clubs / committees

Incident Report

Boat Report

Protest Form 25

Application for appointment & Individual Engine Measurers Record - Form 20 - 5kb

Official Engine Measurement Certificate (INBOARD) - Form 8 - 23kb

Claim Form for All Classes - Form 9 - 37kb

Claim Form for Drag Classes - Form 9a - 41kb

Application to Conduct a Special Record Attempt - Form 24 - 7kb

Official Certificate for Stopwatches - Form 6 - 5kb

Timesheet for Speed & Time Trials - Form 2&3 - 29kb

Inboard Timing Sheet - Form 10 - 10kb

Referee's Championship Report - Form 13 - 22kb

Referees Report on Speed / Time Trials - Form 5 - 11kb


Volunteer Forms

Volunteer Form (NSW)

Volunteer Form (QLD)

Volunteer Form (SA)

Volunteer Form (TAS)

Volunteer Form (VIC)

Volunteer Form (WA)

Volunteer Form (Offshore)


All files listed above are in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format. If you cannot view the files you can download the FREE plug-in from here.



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