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These photo pages will build as we receive more and more photos of Australian raceboats. Please check back often.

This page is photo image heavy and may take a few minutes to fully download. Please be patient, we think you'll appreciate it.

If you have photos of any Australian Dragboats, please send us an email. Please supply the name of the boat, owner/driver, race class, and which club.

| Top Alcohol Hydro | Top Alcohol Flat | LHU | Super Competition |
| Super Stock | Stock Eliminator |

Top Alcohol Hydroplane

The Piece - Rocky Princi - VDBCPhil Channing photo

Thunderstruck - John Sepping - DBRAPhil Channing photo

Reflections - Tony Williams - VDBC

Viscious Rumours - Gary Wilson - ASBC

Thunder Down Under - Craig Cook - VDBC

Top Alcohol Flat Bottom

Dad's Toy - Gary James (formerly owned by Peter Bennet) - VDBC



Altered Image - Dale Bramhall - VDBCPhil Channing photo

Annilihation - Alan Butcher - VDBC Phil Channing photo


Super Competition

Armageddon - Tony Tippelt - VDBC


Super Stock

Stone Cold - Russell Palmer - VDBCPhil Channing photo

Vibrator - Shawn Potter - VDBC

Stock Eliminator

Shattered - Alan Joy - VDBC


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